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✳️ World’s First Media📲➕Marketing📧➕Entertainment👾 Organization for all legal community ✳️ Hosted by the Legal Community, Hosted for the Legal Community 💬 What is MouthPiece Law? --- 💋 MouthPiece Law is an Inclusive, Diverse, Equal and Accessible online legal community platform that 1. Brings multidisciplinary students, professionals and researchers together 2. Focuses on Legal Innovation and Tech Design Thinking to offer new solutions for legal services. 👁 Our Vision is to explore how law can be more engaging, usable, and useful. 🔜 We will be discussing how we can build a new generation of legal products and services through Legal Design, Legal Engineering, and Legal Entrepreneurship. 💬 Who are we? - We are a global multidisciplinary team --- 💼 Working at the intersection of Human-centered Design, Technology and Law to build a new generation of legal products and services. 💬 Why Join MouthPiece Law? --- 🔆 Start building your online presence in the legal industry through innovative gigs, strategic engagements, and technological projects. 🔆 Co-create the Legal Design Agile Toolkits for your law school, law firm, or in-house department to run so seamlessly, strategically, and effortlessly that every employee is ready to take on any challenge or opportunity 🔆 Connect with thousands of law students and legal design + technology professionals from across the world --- Here at 👋MouthPieceLaw X ClubHouse👋 MouthPiece Law hosts a virtual entertainment, social, and networking for law students and legal/legal tech professionals. If you wish to receive a Member Invitation here in Clubhouse, follow these 3-easy steps! **|Step 1|** 💎 Make sure to polish your bio to be presentable. **|Step 2|** 🤝 Join our Virtual Legal Platform 👉 [] **|Step 3|** 👤 Create your profile with |Step 1| --- 🗣 Just within 24hrs, our Clubhouse dedicated team will shoot out invitation to become a member. ———————— Come Join Our Community👇 🌐✨ [] ———————— A Big Thanks 🙏

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