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Call me Simpson! How do you want to be called? 🔑Take control of your health and your personal economy too! Business Owner 💵 Urban Farmer 🌾 Lawyer ⚖️ Franchise & Affiliate Development📈Teacher 📓Runner 🏃🏻‍♀️Coach by Happenchance Enjoy Financial Flexibility, Location Independence and have FUN in the process. 🗽New Yorker by way of Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Florida, 💥Expert at helping people connect with solutions ☄️ Tap into my knowledge and real life experience ... ✅Founder @ Icon~Inner Compass ON™️ ✅coach by happenchance ✅business builder ✅urban farmer ✅teacher ✅attorney ✅public speaker ✅presidential, congressional and local campaigns ✅lobbyist ✅survivor of the stresses, strains and potholes of life I work with people who want to be extraordinary - the people who want to leverage time ⏳ and money 💲and who want location 🌐 independence - the special ones like you who want to have more 💥and do more 💥 It’s time to connect ⚡️with your passion and purpose and be all you were meant to be. ⛓Partner with me to inspire heathy living, conscious giving and sustainable growing. ⛓ Dream bigger - play bigger - enjoy unlimited emotional revenue 😎 and financial success 💵 that comes from creating residual impact around the world. 🌎 Let’s get it done 💪🏼👍🏼 together 🔗 DM and let’s explore ...⤵️⤵️