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Elizabeth Macauley




I am a Survivor. I am an a Empress and I am Beautiful ☘️ I believe the best truth is what we said as young children and when we as now Adults listen to children. I believe that Mindset is a revolving door; from childhood through adulthood. I am here to create rooms that listen with purpose❤️ A bit about me👇🏽 ✅Social worker-specialised in Child Protection-30+yrs ✅Passionate to help other social workers to map out and develop their career ✅ Soap maker ✅ Solo Global traveller ✅ Property Investor In 2019 I took a year out of my lived norm, travelled to India 🇮🇳 trained to be a yoga 🧘🏽 teacher 200hrs. I went to France and trained at Gastronomicom on their Patisserie and Cuisine Diploma course. 2nd best year of my life to date🎉 1st 🥇was having my daughter👩‍👧 Heritage 🇨🇲 🇮🇪 📍U.K. I host rooms about; 🔸Listening to Children 🔸Solo Women global adventurers 🔸Social work practice