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Clubhouse is built by a small, scrappy team of experienced builders with a strong background in consumer products with a relentless focus on our product and the community.

We have grown our team quickly in the last year β€” from 9 people to 100+ β€” but we are still in the early days, and are looking to add more extraordinary people to our team.
Why we love working here...
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Huge, positive mission
Our mission is to create a more human place on the Internet, where billions of people from all over the world come together to hang out, engage in dialogue, make friends, and learn new things β€” and leave feeling better than when they arrived.
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Best teammates ever
You’ll be surrounded each day with brilliant and ambitious teammates β€” full of former founders, PhDs, builders at Facebook, Google and Coinbase, open source contributors, operators, artists, and amazing creative minds β€” with low-ego, who love to teach and learn from each other.
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A culture of moving quickly, shipping and having fun while doing it
As a team we move quickly, we ship fast and get a lot done. We do this not by taking on everything, but by hiring an incredible team, focusing on the things that matter, and ignoring things that don’t. We are efficient, meeting-light, and relentlessly focused on building.
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Great benefits
From unlimited vacation, great healthcare and family leave benefits, amazing team events, and top of the line equipment for the office and home β€” you’ll be given everything you need to do your best work.
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Ability to work from anywhere
We work as a distributed team and hire people from all over the U.S., but we value in-person time too. Every 6-8 weeks, we fly the whole company to our office in San Francisco so we can whiteboard, catch up, meet all the new faces, and enjoy quality time together.
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Just getting started
Since launching in 2020 we’ve gone from Seed to Series A, B and C β€” backed by an amazing and diverse group, including a16z and many of the top angel investors and creators in the world. We are well resourced and in the early days, aiming to build something that touches the whole world.
Hey, that's us!
Join us!
We are looking for more extraordinary individuals to join our core team. If you are excited about creating a better, more human place on the Internet to hangout, we’d love to hear from you.
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