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Welcome to the club and community for all things wellness on Clubhouse: fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, healing, recovery, mindset and spirit. Club administer and core members host the following regular shows: 💥Wellness Technology: Popup Shows, Jeremiah Owyang 🧘‍♂️Women’s Wellness Weekly, Wednesday 4 PM, Rachel Masters + Dani Parker 🏋️‍♀️ Daily 10 min workouts 12PM-12:10PM PST M-F, Shardul ❤️ Gratitude and self love with Peace Inside Live (join our club too!) Mondays 7pm pt/10pm et with @shiralazar @jordanareim 🚲 Peloton Fans: The Clip Out podcast post show discussion, Sunday 2PM PST, Crystal + Tom O’Keefe Follow the club to be notified when shows and rooms are created!

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