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We Believe God is not only greater then the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, Book of Mormon & all the Hindu literature, God is greater than all the books in the Library of Congress & all the web pages on the internet. Other religions have reduced God down to one book & I don't care how thick that book is, it is not big enough. Come join the true religion. The Lord appeared to Moses, Arjuna, Mohammed & Joseph Smith. It is by this vision, they have created these now obsolete religions. It was by faith, that God became visible. I saw God in 1985 & started the Timothean Religion. This religion is for those, who want to see the God, who has power to become visible. There are those who do not want to see God, these are known as the antichrist. We seek to see the one we love. One must prepare to see God, by praying they are worthy. The pure in heart shall see God, Matt 5:8. The purpose of my religion, is to prepare men, to see God. If you don't see God, while you are alive, you will never see him when you are dead. The penalty for sin is death. All men die. According to the Book of Mormon, when you see God, you are redeemed from the fall of Adam. Faith comes by hearing the witnesses who have seen God. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Do not be fooled, if they have not seen God, they do not know God. They only know a book, hearsay about God. Those in the Timothean Religion will see God in Person. Those in false religions will not. You know them by their works. Do they kill. Do they go to war? Do they support abortion. Do they own guns? Are they lowering speed limits to save lives? Are they banning tobacco? Pot? Vape? Vicious dogs? Do they enslave with jobs? Is God the provider or not? Food grows on trees. The birds do not toil. Get a clue. Jesus is God, the messiah is a man. My testimony at; Text; +15862765558 Voice;1-248-906-4634

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