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We explore how to live content, fulfilled, and meaningful lives through conversations w/ thinkers, leaders, and do-ers. We leverage self-wisdom to tackle the most challenging issues of our day— together. We value wisdom in action -- what the Greeks called phronesis: the development of practical wisdom that can be applied to daily life. As a community we practice compassion and empathy, contributing radically to one another. ======================================== Please DM the founder, Michael Liskin, if you have inquiries ================================== _____________________________________________Think of 2 friends who routinely recommend info like this to you — those are the ppl that will love this club — pls go ahead and click the icon in upper right to nominate them ________________________________________ Practical Wisdom Series; 5-Min Wisdom rooms; series (creating a fundamental shift in the way we live and work in the 21st Century); pop-up events and guest speakers. Past Events have ranged from the philosophical to the psychological to the merging of personal growth and societal wisdom. We’ve had:…….…… ▫️ Nelson Mandela’s fmr. Cabinet Member ▫️NASA’s Deputy Chief Technologist and artistic events: ▫️ Magic Giant (folk rock) mini concert and Q&A w/ and special musical guests ▫️-> Ending the Next Pandemic w/ Chair of UCLA’s Computational Medicine -> ▫️Re-humanizing Business -> ▫️Epigenetics of teams -> ▫️breakthrough home device: Founder of MeRT and Wave Neuroscience,; ▫️Transformational Coaching; Re-humanizing how we work in business organizations 👉For more info, dm the founder, Michael Liskin, below 👇

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