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Arthur Levitan




Taoist Master, author of Outlast [email protected] “It is because this philosophy saved my life that I am able to share it with you. Should you need help, come find me.” Master Arthur Levitan You seem to like long bios on this platform, so Kate @trx made me include more information below against my will. —————- Available on CH by invitation. —————- ☯️ Ask about leading through crisis, seeking truth in business/life/relationship and Tao philosophy. 🎤 Moderator: Tao Club Meaningful conversations, meditation, and lessons in humility. 📧 Contact mailto:[email protected] to invite me to speak to your organization or community. 🌗 🌕🌘 🌔 🌓 🌖 Master Arthur Levitan is equipped with 30 years of wisdom in business, Tao, and life. He is an educator, father, husband, former CEO of a multi-million dollar company, featured as a case study at Harvard Business School, and one of the few Taoist masters in the West. 🐉 What is Tao? It is true that Tao is an ancient philosophical system, and it's also true that it's a state of being.  More than anything else, Tao is the greatest journey of self-discovery you will ever undertake. To understand ourselves and our place in the world, we must see and accept the world for what it truly is.