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Opera was born in the 16th century in Italy to revive the Greek drama. Today it is alive and well. It is beauty, poetry, history. It is in our blood, apt to bring tears and plenty of conversations. (...und sobald wir ein guter Anzahl deutschsprachiger Mitglieder haben, werden wir uns über die Opernwelt auch auf Deutsch unterhalten.) (Tan pronto como tengamos un grupo de hispanohablantes, vamos a disfrutar el mundo de la ópera en nuestro lenguaje.) Please, follow @silablume so I may add you as a member. Opera, Blood, and Tears has two main goals: 1. share with knowledgeable minds, musicians, composers, musicologists, and enthusiasts, all the beauty that leads to, and comes from the world of Opera 2. motivate all others to begin their wonderful journey towards loving Opera Join us weekly for interviews, discussions, and performances. Join the singers, composers, and experts that are already members, and feel free to invite others to join. *

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