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Nate Schwartz




Guitar/mandolin/synths Composer/Producer/Music Educator Co-Founder @mangojacket Music Programming Manager at Cloud Cover Media (recently acquired by SiriusXM/Pandora) Credentials/Box Office for music festivals including Outside Lands, Life is Beautiful, Snowglobe BA UCLA Ethnomusicology/Jazz Guitar ‘17 Expert in nothing/student of everything 📚😤🤘🏼💫🎛 🗣Please interrupt me/ask me to stop talking if you are compelled to do so!!🎙 🧑‍🏭Steel-manning someone’s point is an art – seems to me it’s the same mentality as good musicianship, and the “yes-and” attitude of collaborative improvisation... let’s cultivate it in each other by embodying it! Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems give me so much peace of mind 😌 It kind of freaks me out that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs maps almost perfectly to George Russell’s Lydian Chromatic Theory of Tonal Organization (the music theory that led to Miles Davis’s ‘Kind of Blue’ & John Coltrane’s ‘Blue Train’) 🌌🎸🎺🎷🎹 Music as a way of knowing. Big fan of humanity, life, the universe... Yvonne Rainer said it best with “Feelings are Facts.” I think the infrastructure of reason/logic/rationality is only superficially understood... it’s tempting to use it as a blunt force tool when it’s best applied surgically. I grew up listening to Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” on cassette tape and playing bluegrass music w my family. If you wonder what’s up with the Euler-Mascheroni Constant, or have thoughts on the holographic principle and its relation to clave patterns in music, or just want to try to improve the trajectory of this century, let’s be friends My discography is also a decent way to get to know me, where I’ve been, & what I am about, if you’re curious – with Oak Grove (my family bluegrass band): – ‘Tangled Roots,’ 2013 (mandolin/lead & harmony vocals) with Loop Garou: – ‘N/A,’ 2014 (guitars/co-production) with Nate Schwartz Jazz Orchestra: – ‘Explorations,’ 2015 (composition/orchestration/arrangement/production) with Nick Valentini Collective: – ‘No Time for Today,’ 2016 (guitars/co-production) as Semichrome (my outlet for solo electronic music creations): – ‘Prism,’ 2017 (EP) – ‘Ellipse,’ 2019 (single) – ‘Silurian Hypothesis / Blue Volition,’ 2020 (single) – ‘Tesseract,’ 2020 (EP)