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Welcome to the Luxury Listings Club! Join us for discussions with top real-estate professionals from around the world! 🌎 🌍 🌏 __________________________________________ Learn from others and share your insight as we dive deep into the world of Luxury Listings: Architecture πŸ“ Luxury Real Estate πŸ’Ž Professional Development 🧠 Social Media πŸ“² International Networking 🌱 Top Markets πŸ›© Property Development πŸ”¨ Interior Design 🏠 __________________________________________ Room Schedule: β€œReal Estate Hivemind” 🐝 - Mastermind hosted Fridays @ 11AM PST - Ask a question and learn from top international professionals. Gem dropping central with tons of value from real life experience. __________________________________________ Invite other real estate industry leaders by sharing this link and recommending members for the club! We look forward to growing this community together: __________________________________________

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