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Telyse Adams




✴️ Perceptive Puzzle Solver ✴️ Founder of Unconventional Brilliance Co. ✴️ Creative Brand Strategist ✴️ Writer Your Brilliance Is Already In You, I Just Help You Pull It Out And Connect The Dots I Help Creative Entrepreneurs with BIG Ideas to: ~ Find Their Niche ~ Clarify Their Ideas ~ Uncover Their Brilliance ~ Build An Authentic Brand I Specialize In: ✨ Personal Brand Clarity (My Favorite First Step) ✨ Human Focused Brand Strategy ✨ Building Authentic Brands That Stand Out 💌 DM me on Instagram... I’d love to connect with you! Find out more at: Other Facts: 💚 Empathy, Authenticity, and Creative Thinking are my superpowers 💍 Wife and GirlMom x3 👧🏾👧🏾👧🏾 🙏🏽 Woman of Faith 🍽 I LOVE Okra, anytime, anywhere, anyway 🎵 If I had to choose one artist to create a soundtrack for my everyday life it would be Robert Glasper