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#God First He is my Healer 💎Always a Student 💎Knowledge is Power 💎SerialEntrepreneur My background I am a 🖤 💎🏘Real Estate Investor 🏘HouseHacking 🏘STR Host 🏘AirBnb Host 🏘SFH|Multiplex PropertyRental 🏘Land Lord 🏠Buy and Hold 🏘Multiplex 🏘Taxliens/TaxDeeds 📊Stock investor Long/DayTrader/📊 Options Trader. 💎Business owner 💎Personal Credit currently 840 💎Building Business Credit 💰💎Putting Hairstyling funds into Financial Freedom Investment! •Passive income. •Building Generational Wealth •Creating Financial Freedom. •Legacy Wealth •Economic Fundamentals •Owner and Founder of Nina International Beauty Salon & Beauty Supply STORE! 💇🏽‍♀️💄💋Beauty is my business. 🕋Holding a Brick n Mortar Over 30Years Location: San Diego/National City California DM Me Instagram@Ninainternational FB: Nina International Beauty 🔥🥰✈️🏦🏚🌍✈️🏘. Support a Black Female Business Beauty Salon/Supply •Luxury hair available). •Bundle Lengths: 10inch-30inch •Lace Wig Unit •Shipping available Website: Want to send me a token of appreciation send to these Currency apps. •Venmo@Plazablvd. *Paypal@Nina Garner@nin819 •Zelle [email protected]. •Cash App: $blackaneseboy I love to talk Business Growth I am single and looking for a nice man as my life partner❤️💪🏾💯💰🏘