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Black Community Club a nation without a nation People that are Indigenous, Black, Brown, White, Multiracial, Biracial if you identify as such you are ask to join the Black Community Club. If you are any other race and you support the black community you are ask to join the Black Community Club. Yes we know with history, time and new information changes how we identify ourselves but for now as a culture let’s identify everyone in a group as “Black” so we can move forward as a whole. The Black community is separated by different groups that represent different ideas of what’s Black, where is Black from, who’s Black etc. We all have different fight but the main fight is unity amongst ourself, creating a full agenda for People of Color, taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically so we can be more health, wealthy and happy. We can debate all day, great but let’s also but some real solutions into motion and stop talking so much. The Black Community is strong in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania “Australia”, North America and South America 2020-2030 - wealth gap and technology will advance faster than ever 2030 - the world will have over population problems 2060 - will be the start of people of color being the majority race Creating a sense of community among African Americans is challenging, This “Black Community Club” was created by Black Blockchain CEO “MarQuis Trill” to search and create ways to reach out to people on Clubhouse to educate the audience, give a space for black leaders, activists, black own businesses women/men, politicians, women, community and anyone looking to help push the black community forward. Let’s use clubhouse to discuss many ideas to work through putting our energy and resources in the years ahead to create an agenda for the future. Coming together as a community and showing support is important, but it isn’t enough. As we grow well be announcing a few initial commitments to meet the urgency of the movement. Let’s work closely together as a community to develop initiatives, laws, funds, companies, relationships and product ideas that support long-term solutions. As part of this effort, we welcome your ideas, help, problems and solutions on how to improve access and opportunity for the black community. Follow the Black Community ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊on Clubhouse | KM.T

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