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🧠 Creator of The JOIOUS Method™ 🔥I am living my purpose to impact the souls that I am divinely assigned to help become more effective, empowered, and non-punitive parents🙏🏼💫 💫Connecting with me will elevate your life 🔥Manifestation Coach for high vibrational Parents ☺️💫✨ I facilitate breakthrough and empowerment 🧠🔥 Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Facilitator You deserve to have a parenting style that works not just for you, but with you. So why is it that every time you try a new chore chart or discipline strategy, it gets kicked to the curb within a week? 🧠 The problem isn’t you. And it’s not your children. 👉🏼The problem is that you’re living in a system that isn’t serving your family anymore. You’ve been told or shown one thing and the moment you try something different, the fallback is still that broken system. Breathe… You don’t have to live in a broken system anymore. You have a choice. You can finally have a system that supports your family in healthy and loving ways💫♥️ We do best what we do most. Let’s parent from an empowered state. There are two principles necessary for an effective, empowered and non punitive parenting experience that will create an environment you and your family can feel good about 🏡 ♥️ “Transparency leads to healing” ~ Me 😉 (Joi Yvette Ivey) I created Manifesting Joiously™ to put my joy and gold into the world 🌍 🙏🏼 ✨Eliminating the gap between the reality desired and the reality lived ✨ ✨Supporting single parents with shifting from the stereotypical victim mindset 🧠 to one of super power ✨Helping and empowering you in order to achieve ALL the dreams and goals for your family✨✊🏼‼️ 💫 Because: You should be a joyful single parent 😉 Know. See. Be. Do. Act. Maintain Momentum. 🏡🏢 Evolving Real Estate Investor ✳️Tap me in to moderate a room 🧠☺️ 📍From Chicago 📍Living in Chicago I ♥️ God, all things divinely aligned✨, living well💫, and GreenTea Lattes 🍵 Connect with me 👇🏼 😎Interested in enrolling or learning more, but you have questions? 🧠 Schedule your 30 minute phone chat today! “Being an effective and empowered single parent is a superpower” ~ Joi Yvette Ivey