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**Money Attraction & Easy and Relaxed Success** WELCOME TO THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH CLUB Within our Club, we are focussed on guiding you through the “how to” in terms of applying the Universal Laws of Abundance in alignment with our own power to create as much wealth as we desire! Some of our topics include: 💭 Visualizing Practices for Money Manifesting. 💰 Permission to be Wealthy. 🎯 How to live “THE CERTAIN WAY” and benefit from the Science of Getting Rich Principles 💲 Consistent CASH Flow - the easy way 💵 Money Mindset Mastery 💎 Money Trauma and how to live past it. You are a valued and trusted Member of our Club and so long as you are following our Club Rules you are welcome to host rooms within this Club. We look forward to sharing expertise and building relationships with you. In Love & Abundance Tasha Chen & The Science of Getting Rich Club Team