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Author | Aspiring Transformational Speaker |Mind & Body Coach| U. S. Air Force Veteran 🇺🇸 ✈️ Convicted felon on a mission to empower others to create the lives they deserve after setbacks! 😉 ✨My 🔥VIBE 🔥is my superpower! What’s up everybody. I am Shero, the Feel-Good Coach! I’m a transformational speaker, author, and wellness instructor. I use actionable strategies to coach women how to convert their exhaustion into energy that saves time and jumpstarts them from feeling tired and depressed to motivated and thriving. I believe that if you can change your mind you can change your life. Motivated-Ambitious-Determined 💪🏽I leverage fitness to help women discover and step into their purpose. 💫A sharp mind and strong body is a force to be reckoned with. 🤷🏽‍♀️Sometimes it’s not the weight on your body you need to lose. 🏆Get your MIND & BODY fit at the same time! Let me be your personal coach! 📚3 X Author 📚- I Changed My Mind- available on Amazon 📚- Determined: Powerful Affirmations and Workouts to Overcome Depression- available Sept 2021/Go to Amazon & Pre-order now! 📚-Purpose Pusher- available Sept 2021/ Go to Amazon & Pre-order now! 💕About Me 📣I was born for this! 🎤 Book me to speak at your 2021 event ✔️Explosive speaker ✔️Magnetic personality ✔️Engaging ✔️Transformational ⏰ I’m passionate about: -God -Mental Health -Suicide Awareness -Physical Fitness -Purpose Driven Lives -Building Intimate Relationships -Building Wealth -Reading -Spoken Word 📌CEO of Shero’s Nation, LLC 📌Future Host of ‘Don’t Stop the Madness’ podcast Fun Facts about me: 💥I’m BIG on words. LIFE AND DEATH IS IN THE POWER OF THE TONGUE 💥I speak LIFE into others 💥My husband is my biggest crush! Then, the 🪨 Rock...😆 📩Let’s connect: IG:@forevershero 📧 Email:[email protected] 🌐website: