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Welcome to "Quiet the Noise ™️" A space that allows you to sort through the data and noise and come to clarity and more understanding. Recognizing that typical and neurodiverse children are not defined by lack of or presence of a “diagnosis" but are universally more complex - and simpler - than we think. This group is designed to help parents and therapists to share ideas and tips that support, educate and empower each other. Parents can learn about parenting and communication based on their child's brain patterns and development. Therapists can share ideas and discuss different approaches and techniques. As professionals and parents, we all need to "quiet the noise™️" for ourselves and be sure to address OUR mental health and serenity. From social media to information overload, this space will also be used as a place of self-direction and helping in regulating our emotions and bodies. Topics we discuss: 🧸 Parenting 🧠 Child Development 🌱 Behavior management 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parenting tips and techniques 😥 Anxiety👂Sensory Integration 🧘‍♀️Reflex Integration 🤯 ADD/ADHD Dyslexia Autistic spectrum disorder Mental health OCD Learning challenges Self-care Regulation Mindfulness Trauma As neurodevelopmental therapists and instructors with over 40+ years of experience between us, "we" (Amy and Evelyn Guttmann, also known as the "Guttmann Sisters") have changed the way parents and professionals understand and treat anxiety. Our approach of getting to the root of issues has led us down the journey of understanding the communication between the brain and body as it relates to sensory integration, reflex integration and neurochemical development and treating (and preventing!) with a targeted approach. Follow Amy and Evelyn Guttmann to become a member of the Club. Have a question or topic you would like to address? Are you a therapist that would like to host a room? DM's are open! DM @handsonapproaches or reach out to @aguttmann if you'd like to host a room through the club. NOMINATE folks who would benefit to join the club. 😊 To donate to our 501(c)3 and support our mission, head to our Instagram page and donate. Education and empowerment is the key to change. Let's learn and support each other. Looking forward to having you join! 😊. Disclaimer: “If you start a room linked to our club, club admins may track your room stats via”

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