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I help entrepreneurs protect their ideas 💡 with patents and trademarks 🔬®️⚙️. I’ve obtained over 2,000 patents for my clients. 🏹 💵📎 (Click the link in my Instagram bio to make ALL resources on this profile CLICKABLE. Really!) Author of “The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent”. 🏅⚖️💰. (Get a Free copy through my Instagram) Host of “ Innovations and Breakthroughs”podcast. 🎤 My law firm: My comments on Clubhouse are for educational purposes and should not be considered legal advice. Contact my team to get help with patents and trademarks. Come to my weekly Office Hours for live Q&A to answer all of your patent and trademark questions. **Again - all of these ⬆️ resources are clickable at which you can find in my Instagram bio ↙️ **