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About Highly Sensitive People

A community club where ✨Highly Sensitive People✨ come together to : 🤗 connect 🥰 be ourselves 🤓 learn from each other 🎢 share our journey & 🪄 celebrate our superpowers as HSPs!💫 🌿🌷🌸 📣 Rooms focus on Highly Sensitive People + topics that matter to us. 🥰self-care, boundaries, advocacy, activism, purpose, community, careers, creativity, nature, relationships + mental, emotional, physical, spiritual health. ✨⭐️ NEW ROOM SERIES ⭐️✨ ——————————————— 🎙 ELEVATE HSP VOICES 🗣 Every Thursday @ 11am CST ——————————————— Join us weekly in the HSP CLUB for a new HSP interview, Q&A, discussion and in-room EXPERIENTIAL PRACTICE! 🥰 🤗 Check the HSP CLUB for event details! 💫 🙋‍♀️Questions about hosting rooms❓ Room topic ideas❓ 💌Send DM through IG: @hsp.juliestaub ⭐️Founded by HSP, HSP Lifestyle Coach & certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Julie Staub⭐️ ♣️🏡 @juliestaub If you start a room linked to our club, club admins may track your room stats via 32121

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