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Jennifer Hepton




CONSCIOUS PARENTING Coach [by Dr.Shefali] & FAIR PLAY Facilitator & HYPNOBREATHWORK™️ Facilitator Trauma educated & informed ————————- Hi, I’m Jenn 💋 I support families to reBalance their home to avoid burn out, mental load exhaustion and resentment - research says this is mostly women. I guide parents and educators to consciously hold space for themselves in the present moment by understanding their emotional imprint so they can consciously hold space for a child’s autonomy and emotional development. I’m also a Pregnancy After Loss Advocate & Writer & Speaker - holding space for healing ❤️‍🩹 —————— ❤️ LOVE NOTES ❤️————— “Hypnobreathwork with Jenn was amazing. I was able to release my fear and welcome this beautiful feeling of love & acceptance for myself and my parenting. I also realised that I was living with judgement and I was able let it go with my breath.’ - Kelly “You have helped me so much in finding my identity and parenting with boundaries and confidence, thank you.” - Ellie “I’ve noticed my triggers so much more after working with you and I’m not scared to be with them anymore and literally be with my daughter.”- Sarah 💋 thanks for being here - Jenn x Looking for pregnancy loss support ? Please join us on my insta 👇🏻 @jenn_hepton