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04/01/2023 10:10 PM

Education matters

Young Boys 🧒🏾🧒🏻🧒🏿of Color/ California Department of Ed

What is your state doing to disrupt disproportionate outcomes of young boys of color?

About Education matters

Education matters club description This is the club for leaders, change makers and contributors for a better tomorrow for all of us as well as better today for you and your loved ones. Most of all, we are here to contribute to Education matters, because we believe Education matters. —— Regular Club Events —— *** Monday London 21:35 *** 🍕 Mathgical Monday: Saki Milton’s regular room on Mathematical Education *** Tuesday London 22:05 *** 🍕 Tips in 30 minutes for Educators: Lisa Dabbs amazing regular event *** Wednesday London 21:45 *** 🍕 Speedy Networking: 15 second intro and share one point each on “Why Education matters” *** Thursday London 22:05 *** 🍕 Denise Newsomes’ STEAM Education Rooms: Usually 90 minutes deep dive and up-to-date discussion on STEAM education *** Sunday London 21 o’clock *** 🍵 Night Tea-time Deep-dive talk: one particular topic in Education. The topic will change week on week Club administrators will host additional spontaneous events based on suggestions from members and the global events. —— Club Background —— Why does Education Matter? (this list will grow) 1. Education is powerful. 2. Education is the first step to cross-cultural understanding. 3. Education builds confidence. 4. Education combats poverty. 5. Education promotes a healthy lifestyle. 6. Education fosters decision making skills and critical thinking. 7. Education contributes to the development of interpersonal skills. 8. Education develops professional skills. 9. Education builds character. 10. Education can change our future.

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