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🌐 MY SUPERPOWER IS BRINGING IN A BETTER FUTURE FASTER 🚀 🌟“Green Goddess of China” environmentalist 🌟TIME Hero of Environment 🌟Project Drawdown, board member 🌟Hillary Institute, Governor and Hillary Step 🌟FTSE, advisor Environmental markets indices 🌟Distinguished Professor, China Academy of Governance, ecocities 1️⃣ Hosted first ever US-China clean energy conference and catalyzed clean energy leadership in China 2️⃣ Brought Smart Grid into China to revolutionize electrical grid 3️⃣ Initiated the national slogan “China Dream”, embedding sustainability into prosperity 4️⃣ Taught 1st ecocity classes for 1000 mayors across China 5️⃣ Changed building codes across China to use energy-efficient lighting 6️⃣ Created first kids’ healthy food curriculum for bodies and planet - 7️⃣ Founded one of the 1st ecommerce companies in Silicon Valley 8️⃣ Product Manager for 1st software product to surf Internet graphically TED “Can China Go Green?”, 6 TEDx “Reinventing the American Dream” “Cultural Bridges are the Service Jobs of the 21st Century”; upcoming TED Countdown “Path to a NetZero China” 🎤Download my best-selling book for free. My gift to you. Find your true voice and confidence. 👏 🌪BIO & VIDEOS OF MY TALKS ON HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD🌪 🌈 I FIND JOY IN HELPING YOU see your superpowers, and up level your ability to shine your light better your world. DM me to find out how. 🌤 Group calendars for Clubhouse rooms in 60 clubs I admin: 📆 📆 CALL FOR DONATIONS: Help build the Universal Peace Sanctuary on the birthplace of Buddha for an all-welcoming meeting of hearts. Build better karma with as little as $1 is welcome to help crystalize unconditional love into world peace. DONATE at: or Send Money button at bottom of Peggy’s bio 👇👇👇 To schedule private remote healings with BrianTheHealer, see