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Black American Group (BAG) established by MarQuis Trill on Feb 1st 2023, in honor of the legacy of New Black History. Black American Group mission is to “promote, research, preserve, interpret, and disseminate information about Black life, relationships, finances, technology, business, mentality, Mother Nature, history, and culture to the global community.” This organization operates local, state, international and accepts all races to contribute. This organization seeks Black Americans who self-identify as thought professionals, leaders, influencers, builders, and ambassadors. These leaders volunteer their time, talents, and financial resources to build a just society for everyone.  During important matters (BAG) aims to mobilize Black communities to support the anything problem as a whole the Black community faces. Including marching, voting, raising money, building, combining resources, activities, events, supporting business and leaders, producing, advocating, ownership and stoping the violence. Funds thru assets, subscriptions, events, donations, products and services will allow (BAG) to create spaces for Black imagination, community and innovation to excel. Providing recreational centers, parks, homes, living communities, camps, sports complexes, education centers, after school programs, jobs, businesses and opportunities. Political positioning is very important (BAG) would like to increase the number of Blacks and minorities voters not just for presidential elections but down to judicial, legislation then executives” This is possible by a peer to peer system, communication, major vote of a vote and incentivizing. After politicians are voted in (BAG) leaders hold these politicians accountable for creating policies to defend rights, promote dignity, and disadvantages for blacks which will set standards for all minorities as well. (BAG) is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through support, health, education, empowerment, and protection.” Providing a peer to peer community program to protecting and supporting Black children and mothers with available men and women near by. The goal is to develop a culture in which Black American women and children are fully empowered, protected to put disparities at a minimum to erase the struggles of Black women and children in America.

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