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La-Doniea (Lah•Donya) 🇯🇲 * Self Development Enthusiast 🌱 Launching an all natural feminine maintenance product in APRIL!!! “I’m a student in environmental science and I love everything about self development and innovation in group economics + sustainability for third world countries.” * Storyteller + YouTuber 🦋 YouTube: Empress Moxie. (Please Subscribe) _______________________ * I’m here to form authentic and reciprocal connections 🧲 around: •Innovation •App Development •Environmental Engineering •Entrepreneurship •Branding •Content Creation •Raising Capital •Investing in Africa •Everything Black _______________________ * Founder of Brakethru. 🤞🏾 A brand that motivates the culture to overcome adversity with self development through: •Workshops & Events •Literacy •Philanthropy •Apparel. *I host workshops 💫 in Colorado: - Specifically, self care dance workshops for women - Women are the backbone of society and often take care of everyone before themselves - My workshops cater to that with fun self care group activities and dance routines - RSVP to my next self care dance workshop: - Follow @Brakethru on IG _______________________ * Environmental Studies Major 🦠 “It’s the state of the physical environment for me. I want to innovate and create solutions for the global energy crisis. Specifically, surrounding the issue of water💧 pollution in low income and 3rd world classified countries.” *Seeking networking 👥 and investment ✍🏾 opportunities for my mobile money app idea.💡 DM’s open. 📫 📧: [email protected] @empressmoxie on all platforms Empress: A woman of great power and rank in an empire. Moxie: A force of character, determination, or nerve. $ Cashapp: $Doniea $ PayPal: 📍Denver, CO