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Join me and the non-profit group, Filling Empty Wombs, as we awaken the Infertility Support Group! We're continuing the talks about How to seek help for Infertility. Where do you go? How do you start your search for help? What type of help do you look for? Is the help you're getting enough and right for you? So many valid questions and much more. Let's discuss the taboo topic - Infertility. We're here to provide advocacy and support to women and families who have experienced the various aspects of Infertility, those currently on their journey to start a family and those who just don't know what's next for them. * How should you seek help? --- Knowledge is Power --- Your story and journey matters. Therefore, we want to help you navigate your path and provide support before, during and after Infertility! Join us! Can't wait to hear from you all.

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