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Calling all ballers and flat earth dwellers! This is a systems engineering club focused solely on understanding science and creating and executing crowd-sourced experiments to measure the flatness or non-flatness of the earth and to test associated flat earth / round earth model predictions. The ultimate goal is to have special days where we have a clubhouse crowdsource observations & measurements over a given period. Keep in mind: 😳 This is not a debate room. 🔬 We will follow the scientific method: 1. Observe & Question 2. Research 3. Make a hypothesis 4. Perform an experiment 5. Analyze the data 6. Make a conclusion 7. Compare to observation and repeat All experiments will be done with as much audience participation as possible, agnostically to being a flat/round earth adherent. (The emphasis is on learning sound engineering practices). The data will be publicly archived along with all artifacts (documents, models, spreadsheets, etc.) For ISS viewing experiments, get the app called “Satellite Tracker” from the App Store now. It will show the ISS position on the map, and you can point your phone camera to the sky and it will locate it for you (even when it’s below the horizon, go figure)! For more precise tracking visit the website and you can set your location for more customizable views and notifications.

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