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Wu-Ṡabaṫ “Sabaeanism”

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About Wu-Ṡabaṫ “Sabaeanism”

Raaḣub-aat wu Warḣub. We greet all with Åashuq “Divine Love”. We as students of The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z Kobina York Ocran 33/720 affectionately known as Bȧḣ-Bȧḣ Yaa-nun The 24th elder; would like to welcome all. With so much going on in the world today, only facts and truth will remain. Come join us with an open mind, pencil, and paper as we students of Yaanuwn uncover lost facts, ancient knowledge, and delve into the high sciences of The Ancient Egiptians lost but now found, resurrected here in the West. Together we can work for a better future for all. Paa Sawab Kawun Karer-nun “The Truth Is With Us”

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