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04/02/2023 3:20 PM

Writing to Sell

Combating Book Piracy w/ MUSO's A. Chatterley & T. Colyerβ˜ οΈπŸ“š

β€” Hy hosts CEO Andy Chatterley and book author rep Tom Colyer of top anti-piracy service MUSO. Instead of shrugging helplessly about book theft, come learn how to combat criminals stealing your books.

04/16/2023 3:20 PM

Writing to Sell

Celeste Barclay (NINC) on Being Your Own Publicist, Part 2 πŸ“š

β€” Part 2 of a Q&A on being your own publicist with Hy Bender (New York Times bestselling author & ghostwriter) and Celeste Barclay (bestselling author of 46 novels and President of Novelist's Inc.) πŸ“š

04/23/2023 3:20 PM

Writing to Sell

Writing to Sell Q&A w/Ace Film/TV/Novel Writer Bart BakerπŸŽžπŸ“ΊπŸ“š

β€” Q&A on books, scripts, selling to Hollywood, and more with Hy Bender (New York Times bestseller) πŸ“š and Bart Baker (writer of 7 novels, 2 feature films, 11 TV movies, 4 TV episodes, and more) πŸ“– 🎞 πŸ“Ί

About Writing to Sell

Please make a habit of joining our weekly book community, which meets every Sunday at 11:20 am Eastern time in the Clubhouse room "Writing to Sell Q&A." New York Times bestselling author/ghostwriter Hy Bender and a brilliant guest answer audience questions--hopefully including your own questions--about idea generation, manuscript development, writing, editing, pitching, promoting, selling, and anything else related to books. πŸ“š And when we have guests with mass media expertise, such as Bart Baker, we'll also be happy to answer questions about writing movies and TV series, turning a book into a screenplay and vice versa, and anything else related to storytelling for mass media. 🎞 This group is for all authors: fiction and nonfiction, published and not-yet-published, self-published and traditionally published. ✍️ In addition, it's a great fit if you don't care to perform the writing and/or editing yourself, but want to learn how to tackle as much as you desire and then hire the right person to do the rest. Finally, if you'd like one-on-one help with your book, please visit Hy's site at to learn more about his background and cost. If you're then still interested, please email Hy with your phone number, and a day and time most convenient for you to chat, to arrange for a free phone consultation.

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