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The Chaplaincy is the Global Divine Movement for all Templist Ministers. The Holy See of Nun is the true seat for the divine jurisdiction of the Global Village. World Temple is a chartered and incorporated global ministry of the MSTA as branch temple no.# 24. The Omniversal Church is a Holy Tabernacle Ministry for all interfaith bodies of faith to meet on common ground in the heart. Welcome to the home of the Supreme World Court. Noocratic Society Global Forum. *Templist Leaders are to add a topic to every World Temple clubroom *World Temple Sermons or lectures by World Ministers are to be recorded or documented in the Temple Minutes *The Nous Project is open to all people's of the Globe This Omniversal Church accepts the sacred scriptures deriving its power and authority from the Great Summeria Tablets (Holy Tablets), Atra Hasis, Enuma Elish, the Akkadian Tablets, and the Holy Scriptures of the Seven Seals, El' Suhuf – The Pure Pages, El Hikmah – Book of Wisdom , El Torah – The Holy Laws, El Zabuwr – The Psalms, Book of Barnabas, El's Injiyl – Book of Revelations, and El Qur'aan – The Revelations, which was given by Arch Angel Gabriy'El to Muhammad the Seal of the Prophet, to appoint and consecrate missionaries of the prophet and to establish our Royal and Imperial Divan (Government) throughout the boundless Omniverse as the revealed will of God, the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice, and for the purpose of fulfilling God’s mission WORLD TEMPLE SCHEDULE World Temple Gatherings Hosted by World Council of Elders ------------------------------------------- World Interfaith Tribunal - Mon-Thurs 11 A.M-3:33 Global Interdependent School System - 6 A.M - 10:30 P.M Noocratic Open Markets - 6 A.M - 9 P.M / 38 Hrs Day ------------------------------------------- Noocratic World Committee Noocratic Social Media Roundtable - Monday's - 6 P.M - 9 P.M World Ministries Temple Lodge Gathering - Tuesday's 6 P.M - 9 P.M Noocratic Social Media Roundtable - Wednesday's - 6 P.M - 9 P.M World Ministries Temple Lodge Gathering - Thursday's 6 P.M - 9 P.M World Ministries Temple Gathering - Friday's 6 P.M - 9 P.M World Ministries Holy Family of Nations Gathering - Saturday's 6 P.M - 9 P.M World Ministries New Comer's Gathering - Sunday's 11 A.M - 3:33 P.M /6P-9P Central Time Central Office Phone Number:  (678) 948-6096 This is an open forum to the Gods Q&A Cashapp💰$WorldTemple

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