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Join Digital 20/20 Boom Into Web3 Social : Connect . Learn. Create . Build. Thrive 馃尰 Join The Journey to Digital Sustainability & Rebuild -Token Economy ( TSANFT. eth) 馃尰The rising popularity of digital currency has traditional financial institutions taking a second look at this disruptive tech trend. Learn more about the DeFi solutions being leveraged to create a secure infrastructure that supports digital asset adoption. Bridging the gap from Web2 to Web 3 and between investment opportunities in the DeFi and #Virtual world. Digital Currencies & Blockchain: Power transformative commerce applications 3.0 in NFT & Metaverse 馃尰TSA Profile : ; 馃憦[email protected]; email your Pitch decks. 馃尰 TSA Incubator : Invest , Collect , Play, Stake , Learn to Farm rewards ! Visit 馃槃 Free Training Zoom Metaclass : Q&A Weekdays:13:30-14:00 PST Every Thursday Paid class 11:00- 14:00 PST : NFT staking training , Metamask , OpenSea /TSA Cross-chain application: 馃尰馃嵉 Sandbox Metaverse Building Investing in Web3.0 & DeFi Cross-chain learning : Etherum & BSC & Polygon & Solana NFT staking and Learn to earn Reference: 馃尰NFT Staking: 馃尰NFT drop & Customize service for Live minting / blind box NFTs Web 2: Web 3: 馃尰馃尰Join TSANFT Community : 馃尰馃尰 /; Twitter: TSANFT Incubator

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