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✳️The Matrix is a community of cybersecurity folk that prides itself on inclusivity and knowledge sharing. In this day and age there’s an unprecedented need for cyber security. The Matrix fosters discussions around breaking into the industry, tips for small business owners (SMB to Large Entrprises), enterprise security, the cyber threat landscape, and more Every Monday/Wednesday/Thursday @ 8 PM EST, Impromptu talks a few times a week around the same time. Follow Us on All Socials: 🟢IG: @thematrixch 🟢Twitter: @thematrixch Topics, but not limited to: RedTeam, BlueTeam, Purple Team, CISO, CSO, Network Security, Pen Testing, Defense, Offense, Cloud Security, Infrastructure Security, IoT Security , AI/ML Security, Application Security, Zero Trust, ZTNA, Enterprise Architecture, Cybersecurity News, Breaches, Hacks, Security Strategy, zero day, 0 day, cyber attacks, ransomware, Enterprise IT, Firewall, Wireless, Industries (Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Electronics, Legal)

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