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What is The Authenticated? 🙋🏽‍♂️Every generation has extraordinary luminaries in entertainment, media, sports, business, politics and activism that influence and shape the culture and we just happen to know several of them. We are the “third door” of Clubhouse and your gateway to some of the best conversations 🍴For several years we’ve been hosting dinners, summits, conversations and authentic encounters with the people that create the businesses, movements and ideas you love and support. We make the rooms where things happen with our founders, funders and bosses. 🌏Los Angeles, Atlanta, SF, Detroit, Stockholm, Dubai, São Paulo, New York is where we spent time before pandemic, now we bring those events to Clubhouse and the virtual cloud. We are a super globally connected crew 📚The Authenticated sits at the intersection of tech, culture and hustle and is a membership community that exists inside and outside of Clubhouse. We believe that diverse tables are a superpower and are a literal Alexandria library of interests. 📲For more information text “clubhouse” to 415-843-8100 and follow our founder James Andrews (@keyinfluencer) if any of this interests you.

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