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The ADHD & Productivity Tribe is a community for people w/ADHD and/or those who struggle with productivity. Via morning accountability sessions, co-working sessions, Q&As, and Advice sessions, themed/topical chats and more! The ADHD & Productivity Tribe schedule: **Subject to Availability** Daily: 1)Morning ADHD & Accountability Sessions - 8:30 AM GMT/UK Time 2)ADHD Co-Working Accountability Sessions - start 9:00 AM GMT/UK Time ‘til late. Weekly 3)The Decompression Room: Fri - Sun 4)Themed/topical chats - TBC Feel free to DM one of the Admins to host your own Room, suggest topics we should host rooms on or to be fast tracked as a member. (All advice and contributions are welcome but this is NOT a club for *shameless* self promotion)

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