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Welcome to the Villain’s Sanctuary. (Every Wednesday at 7pm est) While they normally keep the most dangerous animals locked up in the back, we “The Legion of Doom” believe its time kinky Villains have their day in the sun too. Once a week, join The Villains Sanctuary hosted and moderated by Da Kollector, Mr. CL and Shay Au Lait for a two-hour moderated & guided social conversation on emergent and traditional fetish topics, kink play and real-life anecdotes, tips, and evil inspiration. The Villain’s Sanctuary is an intermediate to advanced BDSM space, though all levels are welcomed. As this is not BDSM 101, we provide no trigger warnings (enter at your own risk) and we encourage you to look up terms that may not be familiar to you as we are not always in teaching mode. Be that as it may, we do encourage questions and talking points. Along with our esteemed moderators, guest speakers tend to include Sadists, Masochists, Primals, Predators… really any Villain that needs a moment. Please respect one another while in the space. DK wouldn’t want to boot you because your pride dictated your words before your logic double-checked them. ABOUT YOUR MODERATORS - Da Kollector: Deviant, opportunist, sadist, gentleman, mysterious & paddle maker. Also the Creator & Founder of Villains Sanctuary ( $DK215 ) - Mr CunningLinguist/ Rage: BDSM & Adult Topics Writer, BDSM Practitioner, Tool Collector, Sadist/Service Top - Shay Au Lait: Kinky Siren Switchress, Typhoon of Temptation, Primal SadoMaschochist, Mad Witchy Scientist

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