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a ‘wow’ space for Showrunners, music supervisors, & sound artists, to kick around 🔥vibez & audio solutions at any point in production. 🎥 📺🕹️📱 What do your character’s dreams/fears/relationships sound like? Expert(s) on stage will chat with you about your story's character(s) & tone to support you in finding the most authentic & resonant soundscape for your story or scene. 💃 🎭 🧨 Audience: Music-Lovers & Content Creators of all ages/kinds are welcome! :) On Stage: People creating epic, inspiring, and/or funny content for Film, TV, Games, Brands, etc After sharing your story/project, you may choose to... •Q&A and/or •Hop over to 'Zoom' w/ us for a private or a public screening; if/when the talks are on the right track, & getting more specific. ☝️Click “Follow” now because you don’t want to miss this showboat! We can all hardly wait to hear what you’ve got cookin! Onwards, -Tom Stroll of Stroll Media Producer/Composer/Lyricist best known as... Soundtrack Producer for “My Big Fat Blonde Musical” (3x Hollywood Fringe Fest winning, one-woman-show; adapted as a web series) **NEW EPISODES every Monday 3pm EST through April** Booking: DM me. Schedule a room today so we can discuss your project. :)

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