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🔥 FIRST EVER MALAYALEE CLUB ON CLUBHOUSE 🥸 Created by Hyder @aidoruus ———————————————————— ❤️ A Central Hub for Malayalees on Clubhouse ❤️ Any member can host rooms under the Club 👉 Hosting Rooms Daily 👉 Fridays - Chaayakkada Talks 👉 Saturdays - Ghost Stories 👉 Daily - News Room (9 am) 👨‍💼ADMINS: 👨🏻Hyder Ali Aidoruus (aidoruus) 👩🏻Soumya Gopi (soumya111) 👨🏻Alex George (alexgeorgev) 👨🏻Hajeer Nainan (advhajeer) 👨🏻Jalib Akther (jalibakthermk) 👩🏻Saina Jayapal (sainajayapal) 👨🏻Anirudh Dinesh (dudurudh) 👩🏻Tina Jacob (tjacob_4) ⚠️ Please Note: Please add any of the admins as a co-host if you want to make your rooms “Open” under THE MALAYALEE CLUB What Malayalee Club expects from their Hosting Members: ⚠️ Please avoid using socially unacceptable / obscene words in room titles ⚠️ Please get in touch with Admins if you’re bringing any controversial celebrities for rooms under the Club, just to make sure the space stays safe and healthy ⚠️ No rooms on discussions caste and religion ⚠️ No hosts can propagate Misogyny and homophobia ⚠️ No rooms spreading hatred against each other ⚠️ Character assassination of any person isn’t allowed ⚠️ Maintain all discussions civil and keep mutual respect ⚠️ No “follow for follow” or blind follow campaigns ———————————————————— If you have any interesting ideas or suggestions, Please DM @aidoruus on Instagram

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