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Holistic Hustlers on a mission 2 Heal Others (H2O). Founded by the unicorns of the health space, these visionaries and integrator aka implementors will show you the smartest strategies to get s*** done in your business to make you the money you need to expand your reach and help thousands of people heal. šŸ—£ WEEKLY ROOM with the H2O Moderators & Guest Speakers šŸ—“ Wednesdays ā° 3 PM PST / 6PM EST We talk about all things related to Business Growth Strategies. šŸ“ˆ - nailing your niche, magnetic optins, package best practices, using your story to sell, email marketing tricks, high grossing group programs, automating and delegating to elevate, hiring the right people, knowing your biz numbers, ways to raise revenue, client care, websites and the list goes on! Main Health Expert Moderators: šŸŒŸ Jenn Malecha @healthboss šŸŒŸ Summer Bock @summerbock šŸŒŸ Jessica Pantermuehl @holisticjessica šŸŒŸ Kyle Gray @kylegray

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