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Tonight 9:00 PM

The Atlas Society

Let's Talk Current Events: Happy Hour

Join Clubhouse host Scott Schiff and Lorence Olivo for a social happy hour to chat about various topics tied to the liberty movement. Come speak your mind and hear from others as we start things off with the recent China balloon news.

02/09/2023 11:00 PM

The Atlas Society

“Ask Us Anything” with Kelley and Salsman

Join Atlas Society scholars David Kelley and Richard Salsman where they’ll be taking our questions on a variety of current and philosophical issues

02/16/2023 11:00 PM

The Atlas Society

“Distrust/Hatred of Finance” with Richard Salsman

Join Atlas Society senior scholar Richard Salsman as he discusses the historical pattern of a general suspicion about finance, even from some working in the field, and some of the implications.

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The Atlas Society engages young people with the ideas of Ayn Rand in creative ways — graphic novels, animated videos and social media. We promote a "big tent" approach to Objectivism, encouraging open dialogue with diverse viewpoints.

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