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What’s your origin story? As we travel through lifetimes we can forget why we began the journey – and what we came here to do. πŸŒ€ OUR AIM is to help you to go back – to remember and awaken parts of you which are buried deep and dormant – and to find the big themes for your life. πŸŒ€ HOW? By using tools like energy languages (aka light language / speaking in tongues / glossolalia), various forms of channelling, practical exercises and solid, history-based spiritual teaching from different traditions. Plus quite a lot of laughs... πŸŒ€ OUR FAMILY is a growing group of spiritual explorers, reconnecting with one another. πŸŒ€ OUR LEADERS are experienced and accountable spiritual guides, committed to continually learning and growing, just as you are. Join us to connect with the power of your past. We can’t wait to meet you… again! πŸŒ€ INSTAGRAM: @ancientgathering

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