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English follows Japanese 通訳付き国際交流グループ 何気ない日常をシェアするという簡単な方法で世界とお話しましょう。 あなたの何気ない日常は、世界の人にとっては驚きのエピソードとなります。 異文化交流は、価値観を変え自文化を見直すきっかけにもなります。 世界で活躍されている方、また目標にしている方にはきっと大きな武器となるでしょう。 通訳付Roomも開いています。英語が苦手な方も大歓迎です。 また英語を勉強中の方にも大変お勧めです。 🌞What is your daily routine? 👫What is a sweet memory from when you were a child? 🍝What is a delicious food from a trip? 💃What is something you changed recently? 🌐TereTere is a global socializing community with the very simple approach of "sharing our daily lives" Your ordinary life can be a surprising episode for people around the world. Cross-cultural exchange can be a chance to change your values and even reevaluate your own culture. It can be a tool for those who are or hope to be active around the world. 🗣🇬🇧 Basic language is English. Our aim is to talk to many people from many countries. In order to invite basic-English speakers to join the room as well, Please speak slowly and try to use simple words. 🙆🇪🇸🇨🇳🇩🇪🇮🇷🇯🇵🇪🇬🇷🇺🇫🇷🇮🇳🇰🇷🇻🇳🇮🇹 We hold sessions with interpreters. That is recommended to English speakers who are learning another language. 😊Want to be a member? Click “Join Club” Anyone from all over the world can join. 💬Share messages with members Please visit 🌐 ➡️ group ➡️ members You can join and leave messages there! 🗣Want to be a moderator? Please type 🌐 into your web browser and submit application Please feel free to contact us. Instagram (tereterecom) Twitter (@tereterecom) Policy ------------------------------- Organized By - Virtual World Global Socializing Community - where moderators hold sessions with small groups of members from various cultures around the world. People share their time to connect and have fun learning about different cultures, with the aim of mutual understanding

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