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Welcome to the Tampa Bay Startup Scene ♣️ To schedule a room, add @murewa to the event or reach out to her via info on her profile. Tampa | St Pete | Clearwater (+ Lakeland | Brandon | Spring Hill) Valued at $2.3 billion, Tampa Bay is home to a thriving ecosystem, with a significant number of fantastic startups making meaningful contributions to the region. Let’s work to build on this momentum and create more open pipeways across the entire Bay? Bi-Weekly Rooms: Rolling Topics — Thursday at 8:30 p.m. EST. Monthly Pitch Nights — last Thursday of the month. Reach out if you’re interested in pitching at our monthly pitch nights. Get in front of investors who get it. Also, reach out if you have any topic suggestion or any individual you would love to hear from. Dos: 1. Be respectful; listen before you talk. 2. Contribute to the club as much as you can. 3. Feel free to start conversations. Wanting to host a room about and around Tampa Bay, go ahead. No need for permission. 4. Also, please, please nominate other people in Tampa Bay or stakeholders interested in Tampa Bay who you know should be a member of this club. Don’t: 1. Talk over other people or interrupt others. Be orderly. 2. Pitch your business in rooms. If you want to be part of the Pitch Night, reach out to the hosts.

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