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Spiritual Techniques with the Prophet

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About Spiritual Techniques with the Prophet

🏘In this group I discuss Spiritual Techniques and Rituals to Break You Through. Learn how to Pray with: -🥢🥢Sticks, -💎🪨Stones, -🥕🥕Roots, -🦴🦴Bones, -🌿🌿Herbs -🕯🕯Candles, -🧴🧴Oils, and -💨💨Powders -along with the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements like the prophets of old. Bring your Bible, Pen, and Paper. Jesus Christ is The God of Miracles!!! 👉🏾I am a prophet and herbal spiritualist👈🏾. Yes, I am an expert in spiritual techniques, charms, enchantments, amulets, and other mystical (hidden) sciences because the Father of Jesus Christ revealed them to me (1 Kings 4:29-34/Wisdom 7:17-22/Acts 7:22). I am a master magician in whom the Sovereign God has placed the Holy Ghost like Daniel (Daniel 4:8-9). 📝If Youre New, I recommend House of Zion Spiritual Temple as a great place to continue learning (

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