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Are you interested in all things health ?     —————————————————If the answer is yes, then this Somali Health Club is the space for you ! 👊🏽👇🏾   This is a space for local Somalis /Diasporas in Health profession👩🏾‍⚕️👨🏾‍⚕️ to Meet, Network🚀 ,Exchange Expertise and Ideas also discuss how to better Somali healthcare system🏨 ————————————— We are here to: 📌Learn from Somali health professionals around the world 🌎  📌We believe in collectivity ——————————————————🌟Join our Host and Guest for a Monthly discussion 👉🏽Follow to get alerts and updates about our Club and Guests! Contact us by Email :[email protected]————————————————-👋🏽👋🏾Reach out to our Founders @dr.Suad or Dr.Hali @halijohn to be added as a member ,to co-moderate or suggest a topic ,guest! ————————————————Topic include,but not limited to: Health,wellness,medicine,pharmacy,hospital,paediatrics,cardiology,dermatology,gynaecology,oncology,respiratory, Doctor,nurses,dentist,psychology, psychiatry,ophthalmology, medical care ,mental health,neuroscience, fundraising Healthtech ,medtech ,biotech ,global health ,Research ,medicine , policies ,entrepreneurship , investment .startup , leadership ......etc. ————————— Language :-Somali /English

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