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☄️, Power 🔥 Passion, 💞 Mutual Expansion. This club is for medicine🌿 men & women, healers, empaths and intuitive’s who want to be courageous ✊in living Soul-Side-Out and REMEMBERING who we are so we may embrace MORE and move into our healing 💥power/evolution ☄️ and GROW exponentially through collaboration. 💓💞 For so long we have been divorced from gathering in circles 💕to share wisdom & connect. If you are an Empath, healer or intuitive, you likely have a connection to, familial history or a natural “knowing”of shamanic roots. 🎙Currently looking for speakers and moderators who have a passion for Shamanism, would like to open up some rooms and topics. Follow CH @summerbozohora & DM me. 💖 - The roots of Shamanism 🐆come from very many different Earth-based countries & cultures; African, Australian Aboriginal, North American, South America & Mexico, & Slovak Countries. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 This group is to actively research, study and engage in community so we can dig deeply into honouring, speaking about, sharing, & spreading our gifts & remembering the wisdom. 🙏🏼 The goal is offering concrete resources, ideas, education and experiences. It is also an experiential & supportive group in the sacred art of 🐛transformation, 🦋✨ Mentoring each other in times of crisis, life challenges or triggers 😭 which are soooo abundant right now in this time of awakening on Earth!.🌍 Past life journeys, 💫spirit guide journeys and healing journeys of all kinds are shared🙂 Topics Include: ✅ Anything Shamanic... ✅ Self-Healing, ✅ Plant medicine 🍄 of all kinds🪴 ✅ Energy Healing ✨ ✅ Historic Roots & practises ✅ Consciousness, Archetypes, ✅ Healing Chronic Disease, Pain, Fatigue Autoimmune disorders, Lyme, Fibromyalgia ... ✅ Intuition & Clairevoyance ✅ Becoming an Empowered Empath, ✅ Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals, Past Lives ✅ Ancestral Realms & Influences ✅ Embracing your gifts 🎁 ✅ Finding meaning & Purpose, ✅ Connection & Community for Healing ✅ Soul-Loss (a.k.a Anxiety & Depression) ✅ Spirituality ✅ 5-Step Process of INside-OWT as a modern Shamans tool 📚Founder is the author of : Soul-Side Out; Universal Laws to Healing & Living Your Best Life✍️

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