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We’re creating a WHOLE NEW kind of health! It took the Covid-19 pandemic to realize how broken the health care system was. It's time we take a new collaborative approach to reimagining a way to help EVERYONE live healthier, HAPPIER lives! Join us for fun, vibrant & cutting-edge conversations on fresh new perspectives that can help ALL of us solve one of humanity's most important challenges- how to live healthier, happier & more fulfilling lives! We are the place where high-tech meets high touch! 🥼🩺💉💊🦠🧬🧠🍎🥑 🧬 HIGH-TECH Topics: the future of medicine, digital health, health tech, tele health, wearables, genomics, epigenetics, exponential change, disruptive technologies, pharma & evidence-based medicine ❤️ HIGH-TOUCH Topics: integrative medicine, functional medicine, mind-body medicine, nutrition, longevity, mental health, lifestyle medicine, prevention, healing, frontline burnout, health coaching & mindfulness ✳️ JOIN US AS A COLLABORATOR✳️ 📣 To be a speaker, host or moderator with us DM @reinventinghc on Twitter. 🐦Join us on Twitter @ReinventingHC for chat notes, live tweeting & a hyperlink to our speaker form! 👋 We’re so excited to welcome you into this incredible healthcare community on Clubhouse!

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