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About Real Talk for Creatives

We created this space because as creatives in comedy, photography, technology, modeling, and MORE, we felt that there wasn’t a safe space to connect “offline” and have a ‘real talk’ about it all. Let’s be real. It’s hard to stay sane and hustle with so much going on that is often ignored. “Real Talk” is a club focused on a series that brings to light various topics from mental health to empowerment of the underrepresented in the creative community across industries from comedy to corporate technology. The purpose is to create a safe and confidential space for creatives to gather and share stories of educational resources, provide advice based on personal journeys, and just be great listeners/observers. Members and attendees will have the opportunity to share more about the reality of their careers and bring to light issues that are not commonly discussed across the industry from verbal/physical abuse to systemic discrimination even in the most “woke” places. To join the club, follow our admins (listed below here) and turn on your notifications! @sweetathansugar @fizaadosani

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