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A space for leftists working inside or outside of academia to discuss our work and writing, get support (moral and practical) and generate new ideas collectively. ✍🏽📚👩🏽‍💻 *We run a Daily Drop In co-working room, Monday to Friday at 11am GMT / 6am EST where you can join us as we use the Pomodoro technique.* This involves 25 minutes of silent work followed by a 5 minute break. Rinse & repeat for productivity! 🍅⏳🍅 PLEASE NOTE: if you join a room and it’s silent, we’re in the middle of a silent working session. 📍Link for the timer is:📍 🗂 Google drive to share documents and writing 🗂 📖‼️READING GROUPS‼️📖 💡Thursday 1st April at 8pm GMT💡 Jacques Derrida: “In the Name of the Revolution, the Double Barricade”. Reading in advance highly recommended. Text is available here: 🔎🔍 For general club enquiries or questions please contact Jaz @jasibp. For reading group suggestions or enquiries contact Haja @hmk.

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