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02/23/2023 3:30 AM

pinna this!

Luis Buñuel *II 22 1900 — La Vida Que Das

Hablaremos de las películas: Las Hurdes: tierra sin pan (1933) 27 min. Un perro andaluz (1929) 21 min. Simón del Desierto (1965) 45 min.

About pinna this!

pinna - noun 
pin·​na | \ ˈpi-nə \
plural pinnae\ ˈpi-ˌnē, -ˌnī \ or pinnas • a projecting body part (such as a feather, wing, or fin) • the largely cartilaginous projecting portion of the external ear • conducive to the inner ear, in which, with the judgment of other body parts — in flesh and beyond it — they absorb ball, piano, voice, drill, lion, or bird sounds, and arbitrarily calling these music, sound, noise… • • • Like flavor to the palate needs acceptance by the mind, so does sound to the ear. This club is to focus on things which are a bit more demanding on the ear — so, pinna this! * live performances * deep listening * acoustics * experimental • • •

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