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Welcome to the Phenomenal Moms Club. This is a space where mothers can join together to connect, chat, learn, and grow together. This is a judgment-free zone where we can chat, ask questions, walk in purpose and be phenomenal moms. Weekly Conversations: Monday: Let’s Talk Goals Let’s start our week off right with Goal Setting. In this room we will discuss creating effective goals and also share our goals for the week! Wednesday: Midweek Check-In Hey Single Moms! How are you doing? How is your week going? Let’s connect to chat about our goals, wins, and what we would like to change for the rest of the week. Let’s encourage each other! Thursday: Mastering Your Money Mindset Did you know that your money mindset impacts your ability to build wealth? Did you know it impacts how you show up in your life, family, and business (if you’re an entrepreneur)? Did you know it also can impact your health? Join me as I discuss your money mindset and what it means to master it. We have other pop-up rooms throughout the week.

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